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Песни на изпълнител: TAMIGA

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  • Tamiga & 2Bad - Fly With Me

    V1: I know it's love cause all the stars Are fading away We’ll see them together someone day I need you bad To stay with me Don t Take it away I know we'll see them one day Pre ref: Sometimes I feel you From miles away Sometimes I miss you So come b

  • Tamiga & 2Bad - Heaven

    Don’t you break my wings Like those before you Cause I never loved someone Like i love you I was falling free When you caught me In your hands of silk And showed Pre refren: You showed me how to love You showed me how to trust You showed me a true l

  • Tamiga & 2Bad - Love Is In The Air

    I'm swimming into your ocean Your blue eyes full with emotions You somehow gave me love potion I feel you love, burning like fire I know you feel it in your heart I know you feel it in the air, You breath We're falling deep into this love And now we're ne